Tuesday, April 19, 2011

(UPDATE)Official Team Challenge Rules

This list of rules will serve as the official team challenge rules the only things that will change will be the inspiration shop and the “twist” muhahaha*wicked laugh* The changes will be posted in a new weekly post at the start of the challenge.

Team challenge rules, read carefully, challenge __(insert new challenge number) is based on the inspiration of the winning shop:

1.Create a treasury inspired by the winning shop and use any of the words from the title of the shop in some way in the title of your treasury.

2.The treasury should contain one of the inspiration shops items in every treasury in the first position.

3.Tag your treasury with tatchallenge___(insert the number challenge we are on) If you win the challenge the following weeks challenge will by inspired by your shop! If you tag incorrectly or do not put the tag your entry will be disqualified.

4.Please put Tristate Area Team Weekly Challenge and our Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/EtsyTATPage in your comment (little advertising for our team) or you entry will be disqualified.

5.The treasury will go from Wednesday 8pm until Monday at 9pm

6.The challenge will be judged by the shop inspiring the treasury challenge

7.The winner will be announced on Tuesday, new challenge begins Wednesday.

8.Add the "______" (twist to be announced) somewhere in your treasury. (Twist)

Remember: BE CREATIVE and HAVE FUN!!

Good luck! :)

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