Friday, April 29, 2011

Team Member Profile: Hello Again Vintage

This is the second profile in our new series to get to know our Tristate Area Team Members.

Tell us about yourself:
I’m Grace, owner of Hello Again Vintage. I was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ and still live there. I fell in love with thrifting after finding my first treasure, a Vintage 1960’s Orphan Annie Doll, at my neighbor’s garage sale.

How long have you been selling on Etsy?
My cousin and I opened the Hello Again Vintage Etsy Shop in 2008, but it’s been active since 2010 after we decided to close our brick & mortar store in Jersey City Heights, NJ to explore other dreams. It’s been an amazing journey and I’m happy that to share all our vintage finds with everyone.

What do you love about vintage things?
I love knowing that vintage clothing & accessories carry history with them. I like the fact that someone else who’s used them might have laughed, cried, danced, or even fallen in love while wearing them.

Where do you shop for your vintage goodies?
I don’t have a ‘single’ favorite shopping spot, but I find most of my unique treasures during road trips to flea markets and yard sales in the our Tri-state area.

Do you wear vintage clothing?
Not everything in my closet is vintage. I love mixing new and old pieces to create my own unique style.

What is your favorite time period of vintage clothing?
I adore the high wasted skirts, hot pants, bow blouses, and platform shoes of the 1970s. And, nothing is more easy than throwing on a funky printed maxi dress, floppy hat, and sandals. I always found them sexy, glamorous, and chic.

Is there anything that you have for sale now that you are particularly attached to?
I have a difficult time posting all the items in my shop because I know once a piece is sold I may never come across another unique item like it again.

What are your long term goal(s)?
My current goal for Hello Again Vintage is to develop an official online shop.

What are your some of your favorite shops on Etsy?
Sew Lola
Lucky Vintage Seattle
Gather Jewelry
Thrush Vintage
Pluto Star 

You can find Grace here:  


  1. What an amazing and inspiring interview!

  2. Thanks so much for this opportunity, Christine!

    And Thanks GloriasJewelryBox for your lovely comment.


  3. Thanks for sharing your passion with us. It gives me insight into your fabulous shop! Pat McWhorter

  4. Great story. I agree vintage items do carry a history all their own. I colloect old photos and feel the same way about them which is why I only use copies of them in my artwork.